Why White is the Perfect Color to Use at Home

Why White is the Perfect Color to Use at Home

Why White is the Perfect Color to Use at Home

Posted on January 17, 2023.

Popular opinion states that white is a difficult color to use around the house, as it can look dirty quickly and definitely can’t be used when kids are in the house – but I firmly believe the complete opposite is true, and this post should help explain why!

How to Use White in a Bedroom

Your bed is the largest item of furniture in a bedroom, and takes up the most amount of floor space usually.

As such, you want to create as calm and uncluttered a feel as possible when choosing your bedding – and I always go for white.

White bedding looks great – giving a fresh look to any bedroom. It can be dressed up with colored throws and cushions if preferred, but having your main bedding as white will give so many benefits:

1. You can have multiple sets of white bedding which can be used on any beds in the house – so you won’t need as many sets overall.

2. You can boil wash white bedding – so it will stay clean and fresh for longer than colored bedding

3. If you stain or tear part of a set, it is easy to replace as white is available in most stores

4. White bedding can be inexpensive

How to Use White in a Bathroom

For many of the same reasons as you would have white bedding, I also love to use white towels.

Washing them at high temperatures ensures they keep their color, and white looks clean and fresh in bathrooms.

I also prefer to use white jars/tubs and baskets in a bathroom to keep things like toothbrushes and toiletries neat and tidy as you can mix and match these items, but if they are all white then they look part of a set without having to spend much money (they also go with all the white sanitaryware which is a real bonus!)

And not to mention I always prefer white toilet roll! – just saying!

How to Use White in a Kitchen

Whatever the style of your kitchen, white is the perfect choice for your crockery/mugs/tableware etc….


You can mix and match white items easily and they will still feel part of a set as they are all the same color – helpful as and when you inevitably chip something.

You can buy white kitchenware relatively inexpensively and it still looks great – food always looks more appetising on white crockery too!

How to Use White with Children

White furniture works really well in childrens spaces as it can grow as they grow.

I always suggest white furniture as you can add color in all their toys and on the walls, but you don’t have to buy new furniture once they grow out of the pink/blue/orange phase! It will work equally well for a toddler as it would for a teenager.

Toys add so much color to a room – whether it be a bedroom or a playroom – and white as a background color in furniture or even on the walls can calm the feel of chaos down considerably.

How to Use White in Home Offices

White desks and furniture really make a home office calm, and let you be more adventurous with color in all the accessories and decor you bring to the room.

I always feel more energised when I have a clean, crisp, white desk to work on!

How to Use White in Living Rooms

Generally I love using white accessories in living rooms – as they go with every other color and style you can think of – some examples of where white works really well would be:

  • Flowers – the greenery adds more color
  • Candles – white is more elegant and simple
  • Vases
  • Lampshades
  • Candlesticks
  • Picture frames

Above all else – when you start using more white around your home, it becomes easier to swap things between rooms as you change their decor and useage.

White simplifies spaces, calms it down, and adds a freshness and light feel to a room – which is perfect when you are wanting a more organised home.

So, have I changed your opinion of using more white in your home now? I hope so!


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